ISPCC - Teen Focus Wicklow

Teenfocus - Childhood Support Service

Contact: ISPCC Wicklow,
Enterprise Centre,
The Murrough,

Tel: 0404 66933

The teenfocus service works with children and young people (aged 13-18 years), who are exhibiting child welfare concerns that may leave them at risk of, early school leaving, drug and substance misuse, social isolation, or mental health difficulties and to ensure that the necessary support frameworks are in place to promote the young persons psychological resilience and maintain their psychological well being, regardless of social or cultural background.

The teenfocus service provides individual therapeutic support and interventions, a child and parent mentoring programme, preventative programmes and responses for young people and parents.

Teenfocus ensures that young people who are excluded from mainstream society are given the necessary supports to enable them to overcome their difficulties and participate actively and constructively in the main social structures impacting on their lives.

Teenfocus Provides Support In A Number Of Ways:

• Face to face support – this can be in the child’s home, school or other place they choose;

• Telephone support – this allows the child to make contact through phone, without needing to meet face to face

• Web based support – allows the child to communicate with teenfocus staff using the internet.

• Anyone concerned about a child can make a referral to the service. This includes parents, professionals and young people themselves.