Youth Outreach Worker - Drugs Education

Fiona Creedon,
The Vault Youth Centre,
Coomie Lane,
Arklow, Wicklow

Tel: 0402 39646

The ECRDATF funds the Youth Outreach / Drugs Education Worker in Wicklow. The main aim is to support and develop the delivery of high quality substance use education and prevention programmes with and for young people in the informal youth sector; to promote the healthy living of young people in the ECRDATF area. The Youth Outreach Worker will also continue to engage with the wider Wicklow community to establish substance use education and prevention programmes in line with good practice – giving appropriate training to volunteers and parents as identified.

This project provides specific services to targeted youths across County Wicklow. The additional funding provided by the Task Force funds a specific Drugs Outreach Prevention Worker to provide drug specific education and prevention programmes for young people aged 12 to 24 across the County. Those affected by alcohol and drug misuse issues are also linked with relevant services and supports.

Specific Project:

‘Here Come the Girls’ - This pack contains 20 photographs of young women in alcohol related situations. Each photo has a number of questions designed to spark discussion on each situation. The questions are not prescriptive, rather they are suggestions for discussions which are to be used at the discretion of the youth worker/teacher.

In this booklet there is some additional information which can be used as back up for the worker using the resource. Finally, it also contains a list of relevant local (County Wicklow) and national websites.

Please follow the link to view:

Here Come The Girls Booklet
Resource Pack