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Community Grant Scheme 2019

The East Coast Regional Drugs and Alcohol Task Force is a statutory, voluntary and community partnership established in 2003 to address the issues and identify the need in this region.  Our vision is that people in the East Coast Region are healthier, safer and are supported to tackle the impact of addictins in our communities.

Purpose of the Grant

The East Coast Regional Drugs and Alcohol Task Force (ECRDATF) has been given funding from the Minister's Initiative for this region under arrangements agreed by the Department of Health and the HSE.  The condition for this scheme is that it is open to groups and agencies to apply to support and enhance community services which address drug and alcohol misuse in local communities.

All applications must be made on a 2019 Application Form and submitted by Friday 22nd March 2019.  Grants will be assessed using a scoring matrix and decisions will be issued as soon as is practical afterwards so that all initiatives can be commenced and completed within 6 months.  Grants are not for the purpose of funding individual project's needs or for the purchase of capital items.  Grants will be for up to a maximum of €5,000 per agency and priority given to local groups.  A fixed amount has been allocated from the Task Force budget and the Minister's Initiative for this work.

Who can apply?

National groups, organisations, local voluntary, community and special focus groups who wish to run an initiative in the East Coast Regional Drugs and Alcohol Task Force catchment area under the conditions as identified.

For Application Forms please go to the website www.ecrdatf.ie or send a request to ecrdatf@gmail.com

Download The Community Grants Fund Application Form 2019 Here


The East Coast Regional Drugs and Alcohol Task Force is funded by the Drug Policy Unit of the Department of Health