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Overdose Awareness Webinar (youtube video)

With music from John Lynch and Larry Hogan, Denis O'Driscoll hosts International Overdose Awareness Day 2023. Studies and videos are shared from a range of speakers on topics such as living with drug addiction and the grief experiences for drug-related deaths of peers of those in active addiction, the role of the government in providing clear pathways and supports for full recovery and the life saving drug Naloxene.

The COVID-19 pandemic has long-lasting effects on adolescent mental health and substance use

A study carried out by American and Icelandic researchers in Iceland with a sample of over 64,000 13-18 year old reveals that the COVID-19 pandemic has had long last impact on substance abuse and mental health.

No brainer: Alcohol's harmful impact on brain health — from cradle to grave

Dr. Catherine Conlon takes a look at statistics from recent reports and is optimistic that legislations introduced will have a positive effect.

Community Grant Scheme 2019

The East Coast Regional Drugs and Alcohol Task Force (ECRDATF) has been given funding from the Minister’s Initiative for this region under arrangements agreed by the Department of Health and the HSE. The condition for this scheme is that it is open to groups and agencies to apply to support and enhance community services which address drug and alcohol misuse in local communities.





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