Following on from our Alcohol Awareness Event...

The Stark Stats

Over 15’s in Ireland are consuming 10+ Litres of alcohol per year!


40 bottles of vodka

113 bottles of wine

436 pints of beer


Deaths a month due to alcohol consumption

One in four deaths of males between the ages of 15 and 39 in Ireland is due to alcohol.

51%-85% of people who die by suicide in Ireland are dependent on alcohol.

iMark – What is it?

The ‘i-Mark initiative: Supporting Independence from Alcohol Industry Influence’ has been developed by the Irish Community Action on Alcohol Network to reduce the impact that the alcohol industry is having on our lives and those of our children (
There is an inherent conflict of interest between the motives of the alcohol industry and our health and well-being. The industry is a significant source of misinformation and confusion about alcohol harms and is increasingly working to influence alcohol policy globally. With the I-Mark, we are seeking to engage the charity, community and voluntary sectors in a conversation about why independence from alcohol industry influence matters and through this process we are hoping to support organisations to sign up (

The i-Mark Toolkit

The I-Mark initiative includes a toolkit, with a summary of evidence, a check list of conflict-of-interest questions to guide decision making and membership forms. All organisations that sign up will have their name displayed on Alcohol Forum Ireland’s website and will have access to the I-Mark branding for inclusion in their work (

To hear more or request a presentation on I-Mark to your network/organisation, contact

The Five Core Values of iMark


Change is possible by listening to and working with families, communities and other organisations to achieve our aims.

Excellence & Evidence

Our work is shaped by evidence, experience and the needs of those we work with. We strive for excellence across all areas of work and are committed to sharing our expertise, leading by example and empowering others to make positive change.

Respect & Empathy

We respect and value the experiences, ideas and strengths that each person brings and place the needs of children, families and communities that we work with at the centre of what we do.

Independence & Sustainability

Our work is shaped by evidence, experience and the needs of those we are valuing. Sustainability and independence drive our work and we are committed to having the strength and commitment to do the right thing free from undue influence or pressure.


We are committed to good governance and integrity and demonstrate this with the people we work with, our volunteers, our partners and those who support us.

The Six Strategies of iMark

  1. Influencing Policy
  2. Misinformation & Confusion Regarding Cancer Risk
  3. Misinformation & Confusion Regarding Risk During Pregnancy
  4. Ineffective ‘Responsible Drinking’ Campaigns
  5. Schools Based Education
  6. Partnerships (with govt., state agencies, civil society, CSR, Funding)

East Coast Regional Drugs and Alcohol Task Force

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