Treatment and Recovery Projects in the East Coast Region


Tiglin is a residential treatment programme that provides a comprehensive and holistic service for men and women. The residential programmes are separate in recognition of the different needs and challenges of both genders. Tiglin provide aftercare services and support people to access training and employment and re-engage in society to build capacity and confidence. Tiglin is located outside Ashford, Co Wicklow and its mission statement is "to provide each individual in our care with an effective and comprehensive Christian faith-based solution to life-controlling drug and alcohol problems in order to become productive members of society. By applying biblical principles, Teen Challenge endeavours to help people become mentally-sound, emotionally-balanced, socially-adjusted, physically-well, and spiritually-alive".

In the later part of 2008 Tiglin opened it doors to it's first men’s centre in Ireland. The former outdoor pursuits centre has been transformed into a fully equipped residential supported housing programme.

Today our facilities include accommodation for up to 25 men with fully functioning professional kitchen, laundry, gym, prayer and meditation room, sitting room, games area, class room, counselling room, poly-tunnel, welding work shop, wood working work shop and all this in the middle of 3000 acres of idyllic forestry. A specific womens' centre in Brittas Bay provides accommodation for 10 with programme facilities on site. Facilities include a professional kitchen, laundry, gym, prayer & meditation room, sitting room, games area, classroom, counselling room, poly-tunnel, welding and woodworking workshop. Tiglin also have a youth café. They were involved in “The Rise” social enterprise, which involved clients project managing, building and working in a café which serves the Greystones community and can assist in the re-integration of clients.

Each student will receive a high standard of care at Tiglin which will include: pre-entry medical supervision, one-to-one professional counselling, key working sessions, various life skills and training opportunities, on going personal development plans as well as everything else that is needed to live safely and successfully both here at Tiglin and most importantly in the real world.

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Living Life Counselling

Living Life provides professional, low-cost, affordable counselling services for people who are unemployed, on low income, or are in receipt of a social welfare payment. Services are available to those suffering with addiction and their families in both Bray and Arklow. An initial assessment is carried out. Family support, couples counselling and under 18 services are available to those who are attempting to remain drug and alcohol free. One-to-one counselling and working with younger people, aged five and over, is included, with services such as play therapy provided.

Counselling takes place in a confidential setting and in an environment of respect and trust. It is usually attended once a week, at a mutually suitable time/day, and lasts 50 minutes. Counselling can be short or long term, ranging from a month or two to a maximum of six months, with potential extensions, depending on the needs of the client and if the counsellor believes the client needs further intervention. Clients are matched with volunteer counsellors who are qualified to work with people tailored to their specific need.

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MQI Community Recovery and Integration Support (CRIS)

Merchants Quay Ireland’s CRIS Project is a community-based drug and alcohol recovery support service for the East Coast Region. CRIS offers a one-to-one service aswell as the option of a family support group, to provide you with support and practical information on how to navigate the challenges you are facing. Services are available for adults over 18 and their families across Wicklow (excluding Bray and Blessington) and South Dublin (between Grand Canal and Dun Laoghaire). With offices in Wicklow Town, Arklow and Dublin as well as treatment centres in Carlow and Dublin the CRIS project provides a range of supports for people struggling with addiction and their families.

The CRIS project has two Community Integration Workers responsible for the co-ordination of assessment, case management and care planning of clients and their families, who have been affected by drugs and/or alcohol use.

This is a free, confidential and holistic service that works with all relevant agencies to ensure the best possible outcomes for clients. Each Community Integration Worker engages with a range of community, voluntary and statutory service providers, to provide a wide range of interventions:

Engagement with clients through an appointment-based assessment and ongoing case management service
Rehabilitation and aftercare group work
Information, advocacy and individualised supports to help clients reach their goals.
People can self-refer to the CRIS Project, or can be referred from any other agency.
The CRIS project provides Brief Intervention Councilling and has an outreach programme if required.

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MQI Brief Intervention Counselling (BIC)

The purpose of the Brief Intervention Counselling (BIC) service is to meet the needs of individuals affected by addiction issues. Clients are offered a short series of one-to-one brief intervention counselling sessions to assist them in understanding and managing their substance use. The counsellor supports the clients in making informed choices and decisions and assist them through a short series of goal focused sessions.

The BIC service is delivered from 3 separate premises: a unit in the Wicklow Enterprise Centre, 39A Wexford Road Arklow and the Wicklow Child & Family Project main office in Wicklow Town. The house in Arklow and the unit in the Wicklow Enterprise Centre also house the ECRDATF Rehabilitation Integration Workers and provide a meeting space for the ECRDATF.

Mr Adam Jensen – Counselling Psychologist
Ms Tracy O’Neill – Counselling Psychologist
Ms Bernie McGrane – Psychotherapist, Addiction Counsellor

Inter-agency collaboration:
ECRDATF & HSE Rehabilitation Integration Workers – Tiglin - Arklow Springboard - Living Life – Simon - HSE Outreach Team – Probation – GP’s.

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