Wicklow Child and Family Project - Through ECRDATF funding the Wicklow Child and Family Project (WC&FP) support vulnerable disadvantaged families within Wicklow town and surrounding areas; equips families with the skills to deal with presenting issues that emerge as a result of experiencing other family member’s addiction. The WC&FP undertake inter-agency work with other relevant agencies, thus preventing duplication of services and also provide the opportunity of sharing resources and skills. Their services also includes Brief Intervention Counselling (BIC)

Prevention and Education Outreach Project - Wicklow Travellers' Group - a voluntary community development organization. Activities funded through the ECRDATF include – developing the capacity of young travellers (and their families) by (i) providing drug awareness education and creating a greater understanding of the dangers of problem drug use; (ii) promoting healthier lifestyle choices through the development of culturally appropriate community activities and supports; and (iii) providing family support. The ECRDATF funds one full time and one sessional Outreach Worker to assist the achievement of these three objectives.

ISPCC - Teen Focus Wicklow - This service works with children and young people (13-18yrs) who are exhibiting child welfare concerns that may leave them at risk to drug and substance misuse, early school leaving, social isolation or mental health difficulties. Teen focus service provides individual therapeutic support, and interventions, child and parent mentoring programmes, preventive programmes and responses for young people and parents.

This community based services provides direct access support services through combined face-to-face telephone and web-based counselling service for young people and works jointly with young people and parents in instances where the young person is at risk of drug/alcohol misuse or where this misuse already exists. The service coordinates involvement with professional organisations and establish links with referring bodies, i.e. social workers, Gardaí, etc.

Living Life Counselling is a registered charity that provides professional, affordable counselling services for people who are unemployed, in receipt of social welfare benefits, or on a low income. This service is provided by 85 volunteer counsellors working with a large number of clients in Bray and Arklow. There are counselling spaces made available to the ECRDTF for clients suffering from addiction and their families.

Youth Outreach Worker - Drugs Education - The ECRDATF funds the Youth Outreach / Drugs Education Worker for County Wicklow. The main aim is to support and develop the delivery of high quality substance use education and prevention programmes with and for young people in the informal youth sector; to promote the healthy living of young people in the ECRDATF area. The Youth Outreach Worker will also continue to engage with the wider Wicklow community to establish substance use education and prevention programmes in line with good practice – giving appropriate training to volunteers and parents as identified.

TiglinResidential Treatment Centre The ECRDATF funds 5 beds within the Tiglin residential treatment centre outside Ashford. Tiglin is a drug – free modular based residential rehabilitation programme designed to re-equip clients in every area of their lives to enable them to re-integrate into society and lead fulfilling and productive lives.

Merchants Quay Ireland - Complementing and enhancing services in the East Coast Region [Wicklow and South Dublin], Merchants Quay Ireland's CRIS Project will provide a community-focused support services, focusing on the provision of treatment support and integration support for adults over 18 and their families.